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6 Key Signs Your Home Needs New Siding

6 Key Signs Your Home Needs New Siding

Replacing a home’s siding may not be on a homeowner’s to-do list or even on their radar, but it should be. The siding gets old and can develop cracks and breaks. If that happens it already may be too late to prevent major and costly repairs.

So, how does a homeowner know when it’s time for new siding? The expert home improvement contractors at Zimmerman Exteriors, Inc. have compiled a checklist to assist homeowners in determining when they should consider seeking the services of an experienced siding company. Keep these guidelines readily available as a useful tool while inspecting the exterior of your home.

Siding Inspection Checklist

To ascertain whether or not the siding on your home needs to be replaced soon, look for six key signs. The presence of any one of these may indicate the time has arrived to call upon the expertise of a siding contractor for assistance.

  1. Visible holes, cracks, or loose vinyl siding
    If you inspect your home’s exterior and notice extensive cracks or loose, brittle, or broken paneling, your home may require re-siding because impermeable materials no longer protect the underlying (but now exposed) wood. These defects may even allow water and melting snow to cause damage to the interior of the residence. Consult with an experienced siding contractor to determine the full extent of the damage.
  2. Soaring utility bills
    Your home’s exterior should help protect the interior from the elements. If you notice a spike in your utility bills unrelated to rising utility rates, consider obtaining a new, energy-efficient exterior. The increased monthly bills could indicate the exterior insulation no longer prevents some losses of energy generated by home heating and cooling systems. Cold air can enter the home readily during winter and heat will penetrate the interior during summer, forcing your home’s HVAC system to work harder. This inefficiency leads to higher monthly utility bills, so you’ll want to take corrective action!
  3. Rotting and warped siding
    Thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home. The presence of rotting wood on the exterior of a residential property frequently denotes significant water-related problems. The underlying building materials have become damp. Water will cause wood to warp and change its shape. Over the long term, this process causes structural problems for homeowners. Simply covering over damaged sections with fresh paint won’t resolve this situation and will need to be addressed by an experienced contractor.
  4. The growth of mold and mildew
    Sometimes even power washing won’t always eliminate mold or mildew from the exterior of a home. The appearance of these organisms often accompanies the rotting of wood; molds cause discoloration in some building materials. If you notice mold growing in your house, consider obtaining knowledgeable contracting assistance.
  5. Frequent Painting
    When was the last time you painted your home? If it’s been 5 years or less, there’s a very good chance that the siding will need to be replaced. Residential vinyl siding gained popularity in the United States in large measure because this building material reduces the need for laborious annual upkeep. In former eras, property owners typically shouldered a heavy maintenance burden. The invention of vinyl-covered siding helped reduce these bills. If you find yourself frequently painting and re-painting your old worn siding consider contacting an exterior remodeling contractor.
  6. Visibly outdated or drab appearance
    Have you ever glanced at a stranger’s residence and thought to yourself: “That house has surely seen better days!” Dwellings that appear outdated, heavily worn, or appear faded from the curbside likely won’t command competitive prices on the real estate resale market. If your property looks run down and dated, it would probably strike potential buyers that way as well. Consider upgrading the exterior of the home soon to maintain currency and enhance marketability. You’ll ultimately help protect your investment in your real estate!

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