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Storm Damage

Hurricane Sandy destruction
Chances are if you clicked onto this page you have some sort of storm damage to your house. We can help you with everything that is hurting on your home. From trees falling on your house, to hail and wind damage we handle it all. Always call your Insurance company to let them know you have damage and then call us to help you with as much or as little as you want. We have helped hundreds of homeowners make their homes look as good as or better than it did before. We listed some reasons as to why you want to consider Zimmerman Exteriors Inc to handle your storm damage repair.

  1. 100% HONESTY- First and most importantly If you choose to use us we will always do the repairs for the agreed upon amount (or less) between us and your insurance company. For a lot of claims we can even wave the deductible.
  2. NO SURPRISES- There will never be any surprises in any of our billing or work that we do. Everything is explained and written in a contract and if it needs farther explanation we will be happy to assist you until you’re satisfied.
  3. EXPERIENCE- We have estimated hundreds of hail claims and have found many damaged roofs and other collateral damage to homes that was missed by others. Homeowners have told us their insurance adjusters and other contractors had looked at these same areas without seeing any damage. If they had not talked to us they would have had to pay for the repairs out of their own pocket at some point in the future.
  4. PROOF- We only write up damage that we can prove. We take lots of pictures that show where and what is damaged. We send these pictures in to your Insurance company and we will work with them to help them understand what is damaged and the best way for it to be repaired back to it’s original condition. This may mean meeting your Insurance Company several times at your house to explain what we see if pictures do not work.
  5. RELATIONSHIP- You will like working with us. We are pleasant and non-pushy (except occasionally with the Insurance Company we can get a little pushy). We will communicate with you via e-mail or phone to let you know what the status of your claim is. We welcome your questions either with calls or e-mails.
  6. QUALITY WORKMANSHIP/EMPLOYEES- We do it right the first time and our employees are courteous and pleasant to talk to. We look for and teach our employees to not only be good at their trade but also to be good with people. If you see something happen on the job you don’t understand please ask any of our guys. He will either have an answer or find out the answer to what you are questioning. We do have a 5 yr workmanship guarantee in the event we make a mistake. We mean this and want you to use it. We want to be called if there is a problem. We take incredible pride in knowing you want us to work for you again.

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“We appreciate all you have done with the Insurance Company on our behalf. We look forward to getting a roof we can be proud of. A roof done right. Thank You” (Letter sent after roof completed) “Howie it was a pleasure to work with you in the purchase of a new roof. We are just so pleased with the end result, it looks great. The crew you sent was hard working and personable. Thank you again for a job well done.”
Don and Judy Converse – Manheim, PA


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