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"Thanks Howie!!, you and your crew did a great job"
Heller Family Denver, PA

"We appreciate all you have done with the Insurance Company on our behalf. We look forward to getting a roof we can be proud of. A roof done right. Thank You"
Judy Converse Manheim

"Your man you sent out was very nice and my experience with your company has been great. I will use you folks for all home repair needs in the future."
Steve S. – Duncannon, PA

Replacement Siding Harrisburg, PA

When you're in need of replacement siding in Harrisburg PA, look to Zimmerman Exteriors. Zimmerman Exteriors is a local siding company in Harrisburg PA that you can trust to put your siding up right the first time around. We are dedicated to what we do, and we offer you quality results with each job that we complete. No matter whether you want to install new siding on a new home or want to replace old siding on an older home, we are the only siding contractors in Harrisburg PA to call.

Siding is arguably one of the most important aesthetic pieces of your home. The siding can essentially be considered your home's "clothing" since it is what determines the appearance of your home and helps protect it from the elements. Therefore, you want to ensure that your siding appropriately reflects your tastes and style.

Siding Contractors You Can Trust

However, just as important as it is to make sure that you like the aesthetic appearance of your home is it for you to also make sure that your home is safe. One of the biggest issues with homes is water damage, so when you’re selecting a type of siding to use for your home, water resistance should be at the top of your list of concerns. If your siding isn’t installed properly, then water can get into your home and cause it damage. That’s why you always want to ensure that your siding is installed by the professionals who know what they’re doing.

At Zimmerman Exteriors, we ensure that your siding will always be installed correctly. We do everything from a full house wrap and kick-out flashings at the eaves, windows and other places of your home that need it to make sure that your siding is installed completely the way that it is supposed to be. If your siding isn’t installed appropriately, it can not only lead to water damage but to other problems as well, such as painting and dry walling damage and problems that can’t be seen like wood rot and mold. Such problems are extremely expensive to repair, so you want to avoid them at all costs.

We offer you a variety of types of siding here at Zimmerman Exteriors, so no matter what type you’re looking for, we are certain to have something in our inventory to accommodate you. We carry everything from vinyl to cedar and stone veneer so you can get the customized look that you want. Contact us today for a free quote!