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Key Pros & Cons of Metal Roofing

Every roofing system offers both advantages and disadvantages. Although in general metal roofing does supply considerably more pros than cons, prudent homeowners should evaluate every aspect of a new roof in light of their unique circumstances before making a purchasing decision. Researching this issue promotes greater long-term customer satisfaction. Today, many fashionable metal roofs contribute to the…

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Roof and Attic Ventilation: Do I Need Gable Vents & Power Fans?

For many homeowners, improperly ventilated roofs and attics are a common issue. As we previously shared in our post about ridge vents, sufficient ventilation matters for multiple reasons. To recap, proper ventilation can help extend the life of your roof and help keep your home more energy efficient – which will save you money. Unfortunately,…

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Is Ridge Vent Alone Sufficient for Proper Ventilation in Your Attic?

We hear this question quite often from Zimmerman Exteriors’ customers. Throughout the roofing industry, there is a widespread lack of agreement over adequate attic ventilation. Much of the debate stems from the tremendous variation in climate across North America. With different climates, come different needs to be met. Our roofing experts at Zimmerman Exteriors have…

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How to Tell When You Need a New Roof

Signs of Your Roof Needing Replaced The roof is one of the most essential structures of the home. Not only does it serve as the structural support of your home and provide it with protection from the elements, it also controls things like ventilation and the diffusion of water vapor. The value of your home…

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Storm Damage

Chances are if you clicked onto this page you have some sort of storm damage to your house. We can help you with everything that is hurting on your home. From trees falling on your house, to hail and wind damage we handle it all. Always call your Insurance company to let them know you…

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